At Eastern Oregon University there is a wide range of updated technical facilities including:

- well equipped Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computing labs.
- current software titles from MS Word to Final Cut Pro.
- high speed Internet access anywhere on campus.


The main CS computer lab consists of 25 machines (one being the instructor's workstation) running Libranet Linux. The machines are MPC ClientPro's with 2.5GHz Pentium IV processors and 256MB RAM each. The machines are also set up with floppy, 250MB Zip, and CDROM drives as well as front mounted USB ports for students with USB memory sticks. All monitors are 17" flat panel displays.

There are three primary CS servers - a Web server (Apache 2.0), an NFS fileserver and a database server (MySQL and Oracle). The client machines in the lab mount their /home and /usr directories off the fileserver. Two additional Web servers, running Apache 2.0 under Linux and IIS 6.0 under Windows 2000 Server, are available for student projects.

PowerMac G5


The Multimedia Lab consists of 30 dual and single processor G5 Macintosh computers with 20" flat panel monitors. On each machine there is a wealth of software including the complete Adobe CS3 Graphics Suite inlcuding Flash, Photoshop, Director, and Illustrator along with Microsoft Office, Apple Studio Suite, and Carrara 3D.

In addition, the Multimedia Program has state of the art audio recording and HD video equipment, lighting packages, a green screen, and a private studio for important final projects.

The rooms are accessible 24 hours a day using an electronic keypad.

Lab Guidelines