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Summer Insitute in Game Development

MM 110: 3-D Modeling

Instructor: Richard Croft
Associate Professor
Computer Science & Multimedia Studies


A Sample Model








Summer Institute Schedule

CS 110 Syllabus

Game Assignment & Proposal

Course Documents--Updated Daily

How to turn in work for MM 110

Syllabus (The course "rulebook")

General Information about 3-D Modeling ad 3-D Graphics

Introduction to Carrara's Interface (Monday June 23)

Are you sick of gray plastic models? Look at THIS!

Modeling with Geometric Primitives (Tuesday June 24)

Note: Starting 6/25, assigned models include all "try building..." included in the assignment and also any added on the white board in class. You will be asked to turn in randomly-selected models for grading.

Using 3-D Boolean Operations (Wednesday June 25)

Introduction to Shaders (Thurs. 6/26)

Texture Maps (Thurs. 6/26)

Map file to use for experimentation task

Bricks Texture

Bricks Bump

Basic Spline Modeling (Fri. 6/27)

Spline Modeling II (Fri. 6/27)

Spline Modeling III--Lathing (Mon. 6/30)

Lighting (Tues. 7/1)

Rendering Options (Tues. 7/1)

A Modeling "Quiz" (Wed. 7/2)

Images for Option One: first; second; third; fourth

Images for Option Two: first; second; third; fourth

Introduction to Vertex Modeling

Introduction to Key Frame Animation (Monday, 7/7) Read This, Then Do the Problems

Assignment for Key Frame Animation (Counts as two assignments)

Introduction to Tweening

Using Skeletons and Morph Targets (Wednesday 7/9) Includes Last Assignment

Examples--Updated Frequently

A simple scene (dining room), from another viewpoint, and a third viewpoint

Models using Geometric Primitives

Cartoon Fire Hydrant (you could do better than this!)

Bottle (sort of...it's solid!)

Medieval Implement of Classroom Discipline

The furniture in this room...

Using Boolean Operations

Assorted Models...bowl, glass, cardboard tube, funnel

Hinges (disassembled) and Assembled

Texture Maps

Concrete (boring) and Concrete with Bump Map

Spline Models

Assorted extrusions


Old Model T tire

Paper clip

Chef's Knife and another view

Tree stump

Lathed Bottles & Glass

A jar of Peanut Butter (Lathed)

Lighting Examples

Portrait with one light

With added "fill" light

Adding a background light

Four-light portraiture

Effect of light placement

Vertex Model Examples

Assorted Lofted Columns

Models created by MM 460 students--each took weeks to complete

Dinosaur, Mercenary. Some ol' hedgehog, Link

Animation Examples

Spotlight Fade-in

Spinning Globe, and without enough key frames

Camera "Fly-around"

Time Flies

The Animation for Tuesday's Assignment

Some Sammy Poses from Previous Classes: First, Second, Third

Assorted Other Examples

Student 3-D Animations from MM 360

Down in the LEGO Mine by Jacob Barber

Nighthawks Diner by Nathan Wunz

Tour of the Krusty Krab by Amanda Yates

Student Games from MM 319

Asteroids Prototype by Eric Brown

Invaders by Charles Schumacher